Supercharge employee English-speaking confidence to drive company growth

“I recommend FLOW because I could learn so many expressions that native speakers use. Now it is easier for me to understand spoken English and I can practice sounding more natural.”

FLOW Speak is a game-changer for employees who need to improve their English speaking

Voice technology enables unlimited speaking practice

Real-time feedback
To improve quickly

400+ lessons
Business and casual lessons

Convenient & Easy
No appointments, just 2 to 7 minutes each

Improve morale & retention
Invest in your employees to help them perform their best

Improve customer relationships & boost global sales

Speaking confidence
Enables deeper conversations and stronger relationships

Sound natural
Understand expressions native speakers use

Drive sales
Strong customer communication drives more sales
“FLOW helped improve my English speaking skills to handle different casual and business topics. It's fun and time goes by so quickly. I recommend FLOW to all my friends, you won't regret it!”
University student

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Starting at $12/month

FLOW costs 90% less than online classes.

Membership Features
Intermediate & Advanced
Business Expressions
400+ Lesson Library
Intermediate & Advanced
IELTS Speaking Prep
Advanced Speech Scoring

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