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Extend Speaking Practice Beyond the Classroom

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“My students embraced the FLOW app right away! Some of them were really committed to practicing daily. They loved being able to practice speaking privately on their phones, and the instant speech analysis was incredibly helpful.”
- Barbara Van Dyken,  ESL & Digital Literacy Instructor, Grossmont Adult Education

Meet the FLOW Speak Platform

Boost Your Students’ Confidence
with Unlimited English Speaking Practice

Dynamic Learning Content
Students get a Weekly Mix of new lessons each week
Unlimited Speaking Practice
Students practice real-world conversations and can try over and over to sound natural
AI Powered Feedback
Students receive instant, AI-powered feedback for pronunciation, speed, fluency, and grammar
Admin Dashboard
Track students’ progress in the Admin Dashboard

See FLOW Speak in Action

“FLOW was the best decision in my English learning journey. Not only does it give feedback on what to improve, but also gives me comfort and confidence while speaking English.”
- Wendy, student from Vietnam

Teachers Lead The Way

FLOW Speak Provides The Support

Teachers play a critical role in ESL students' learning journeys
but class time is limited.
Extend Your Classroom
In Class
FLOW Speak
Does not have
Limited time to speak in class
Check mark
Unlimited speaking practice time outside of class
Does not have
Not enough time for personal feedback
Check mark
Instant, AI-powered personal feedback
Does not have
Speaking in front of people is scary
Check mark
Safe learning environment where it’s ok to make mistakes
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Free for teachers, free options for students

Our vision is that everyone deserves a voice. That’s why it’s our mission to make AI speaking technology available to all teachers and ESL learners.

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For Students

Community Membership
3 lessons per week
Access to beginner lessons
Access to beginner courses
Basic speech scoring
Premium Membership
Starting at $12/month
Access to 400+ lessons
Access to all Courses
(including custom teacher courses)
Advanced speech scoring
Students can purchase their own Premium Membership or your school can purchase a set number accounts to give to the students

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