Attract and retain more international students

"FLOW combines voice technology and a supportive community to help your students speak English confidently and naturally. By providing FLOW before arrival you attract more students to your program. By providing FLOW after arrival you improve your retention rate by creating a virtuous cycle for your students’ speaking improvement success."
- Matthew Sussman, CEO & Co-Founder

How It Works

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Helping Students and Teachers Alike

  • Attract more students, by showing you provide modern smartphone-based learning tools
  • Improve your retention rates, as your students succeed at improving their speaking skills
  • Affordable supplemental resource
  • Extend the opportunity for your students to practice beyond the classroom
  • Increase class engagement, as students speaking confidence increases
  • Track student usage and progress data
  • Increased opportunity for speaking practice
  • Embarrassment-free interaction
  • Improve at pronunciation, speed, and vocabulary usage with instant feedback
  • Improve at listening with real-world, conversational-based scenarios
  • Adjust to U.S. life easier and faster with cultural based lesson content
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