Our Story

Everyone deserves a voice

The world can feel like a small place. That is how Matt and John felt when they connected for the first time from different ends of the globe. Matt was in Tokyo, working in international education. John was in Guadalajara, working on digital product development. They met online by joining a startup competition in January 2021 and bonded over talk about surfing, appreciation of various world cultures, and experiences of learning languages. Both knew firsthand the thrill and frustration that comes with learning to speak another language.

Their conversations focused on English language learning as the way to make the broadest impact and help millions of people improve their lives. Matt and John noticed that there are many good resources for learning to read, write, and listen to English, but many talented learners are held back because they lack the opportunity to practice speaking English.

They started to envision how technology can help learners improve by speaking often and receiving effective feedback. Modern voice technology can create an immersive learning experience right from learners’ devices. Voices can be recorded and analyzed. A speech scoring system can provide instant feedback. Technology can also help to build a community for learners to connect for live chats, form friendships, and sustain their motivation.

Matt and John won the startup competition and received funding to launch FLOW Speak in July 2021 in San Diego, California.

As language learners themselves, Matt and John are committed to making learning to speak English more natural, fun, and easy so everyone can make their voices heard.
Mission Statement

Supercharge non-native professionals’ English speaking confidence and propel careers to the next level


Matthew Sussman

Matt has been helping English learners for over 25 years. He has been an English teacher, started and sold an internship arranging company, and most recently was the Executive Director of the Fulbright scholarship program in Japan. Matt speaks 3 languages and enjoys making banana cinnamon waffles on the weekends for his family.
John Goodman

John has been in the tech industry for over 15 years. During that time, he has designed and built products, assembled and led incredible teams, and helped companies of all sizes grow. John enjoys traveling the world in search of great waves and learning about new cultures and cuisines.
Board Members
Kim King
Kim is a partner of the Launch Factory, a venture capital startup studio in San Diego, CA. She was a General Partner with IDG Ventures, where she played an active role over nine years in managing and investing a $120 million captive fund. Kim holds a B.S in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. Today, she teaches Entrepreneurship at both UCSD and SDSU and sits on various non-profit boards.
Brian Nelson
Brian Nelson is a corporate leader, seasoned entrepreneur, and corporate strategist with over 30 years of professional experience in Japan, Asia, and America.