Improve Employee Morale & Retention with FLOW Speak

August 16, 2023

A thriving business is built with employees who are highly skilled and motivated. Once you have  great employees, keeping them is key. Investing in your employees through continued job training keeps them motivated and drives your company forward.

FLOW Speak offers a convenient and affordable benefit to companies that are looking to upskill their workforces. FLOW Speak improves your employees' speaking confidence and ability to speak naturally. This, in turn, improves communication with clients and coworkers while also improving morale and long-term retention. 

Structured Learning Leads to Job Satisfaction

Prioritizing and investing in your employee's growth and development not only demonstrates a genuine appreciation for your workforce but also fosters a sense of motivation and dedication among employees.

Research has shown that a thoughtfully crafted and well-executed training program significantly contributes to job satisfaction. This creates a virtuous cycle - employees are happier when the company invests in their personal growth. This makes employees more confident in their skills and better prepared to handle challenges.

How FLOW Speak Empowers Your Employees

Personalized Learning

According to Forbes, a customized learning approach emphasizes the personal growth of each employee, ensuring that career development and advancement receive dedicated attention.

FLOW Speak caters to the employee's individual needs by offering learning content for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Additionally, there are a variety of courses spanning casual “small talk”, business situations, customer service, and more. 

Each team member can focus on the specific area of improvement that will help them grow.

Rapid Improvement with Real-Life Simulations

Unlike conventional language learning programs, FLOW Speak allows employees to practice real-life conversations and business interactions, allowing them to build confidence in their English language skills that are directly applicable to workplace settings. 

Think of FLOW Speak as a language gym where learners can strengthen their fluency muscles with real-life scenarios and business interactions. The platform provides a practical and immersive environment to nail important meetings, impressing clients with smooth and polished English small talk. By engaging in dynamic language exercises and simulations, non-native English speakers can accelerate their learning progress and rapidly improve their communication abilities.

Think of FLOW Speak as a language gym where learners can strengthen their fluency muscles with real-life scenarios and business interactions.

Real-Time Feedback for Continuous Progress

Timperley and Hattie's research sheds light on the crucial role of feedback in learning and achievement. According to their findings, feedback is one of the most influential factors that can positively or negatively impact the learning process. The outcome depends on when and how the feedback is delivered.

In line with these findings, FLOW Speak has integrated real-time feedback into its speaking improvement platform. This enables employees to receive immediate insights into their progress as they engage in language exercises and simulations. By having access to continuous feedback, learners can gauge their performance, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and identify areas for improvement. This valuable information empowers employees to refine their language skills proactively.

When Employees Win, Your Company Wins

FLOW Speak aims to develop natural fluency and communication for non-native English-speaking employees by exposing them to authentic conversational expressions used in everyday life. Incorporating these expressions into their language repertoire helps learners communicate more effectively and naturally in professional and social settings. 

The platform also focuses on guiding learners in mastering 'small talk' scenarios, which is essential for building rapport and fostering positive communication in the workplace. By offering FLOW Speak as a skill improvement solution, companies invest in employee morale and retention, demonstrating a commitment to their development, leading to improved job satisfaction and reduced turnover.

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Matthew Sussman
Matthew Sussman
CEO, Co-founder