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Kimberly Gardner knew she faced a challenge. Her English class was going to be online and she only had one hour each week with her students. She needed a way for her students to keep up their speaking practice throughout the week.

How did she tackle this problem? Let's let her explain:
I taught an online English Speaking Club with a university in Turkey, but since we only met for one hour each week, I needed to find a way for them to practice speaking, and get quality feedback, without me spending hours listening to audio recordings. FLOW Speak was the perfect tool for this. In 8 weeks my 22 students completed over 1,000 lessons! Here’s what I did: 
  • Set up an open access library and initiated motivators
  • To receive a certificate at the end of the course, students had to do a minimum of 50 lessons and achieve 80% attendance
  • The student who earned the highest Confidence Level score  on FLOW Speak by the end of the course would receive a small box of US souvenirs 
  • Follow up. At the beginning of each class, I would show a celebration giphy, have virtual confetti on a slide, or play celebration music as I announced the top 3-5 students in the lead as well as recognize students who had received special achievements in FLOW from the past week. Students would cheer for their classmates and have an idea of where they were in the running.   
FLOW is a great tool, and creating a community challenge around the platform was one of the main keys to success! 
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Kimberly Gardner
Virtual Educator and Educational Consultant
FLOW Speak is an learning platform that empowers students to speak English confidently for career success. Learners improve with unlimited speaking practice and instant AI-powered feedback for pronunciation, speed, fluency, and grammar.

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