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The Stevens Institute of Technology has a strong ESL program. But they knew they wanted more. They wanted to give their international students more English speaking practice so they would be prepared for campus life and their coming careers. Their students have various speaking levels, so a one-size-fits-all solution would not cut it.

Stevens worked with FLOW Speak to develop three custom courses that each focused on lessons and concepts for beginner, intermediate, advanced language learners.

When the semester was over, the results came in:
  • 144 students participated in the program
  • 73% of students completed 40 or more lessons
  • 43 students went above and beyond to complete 100 or more lessons

Student Outcomes Using FLOW Speak

Convenient tool for English speaking practice
Would recommend FLOW Speak to a friend
My confidence level improved

Student Reactions

“FLOW is the best tool to learn English and speak like native English speakers, it helped me build confidence with speaking.”
Learner image
“It really helped in going through at my own pace. I appreciate FLOW’s user-friendly interface and engaging lessons. The personalized feedback and scoring have significantly boosted my language skills, making the learning   process enjoyable and effective.”
Learner image
Deepan Ram
FLOW Speak is an learning platform that empowers students to speak English confidently for career success. Learners improve with unlimited speaking practice and instant AI-powered feedback for pronunciation, speed, fluency, and grammar.

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