Case Study

Portland Community College
English for Speakers of Other Languages Class

Portland Community College's Ms. Tara Larsen Camacho's goal was to use FLOW Speak during her summer program as a supplementary tool to enable her students to practice speaking outside of class.

Ms. Camacho integrated FLOW Speak into her existing coursework by creating a custom course that would align with the in-class content. Additionally, she included lessons that focused on how to use English in daily life.

Students found that they benefited when they used FLOW Speak's "Try Again" feature. Students practiced speaking and then listened to the audio of themselves. Then, they repeated the phrases or sentences multiple times until they felt confident saying them.

When the summer class ended, the results were clear:
  • 67% of students completed the course
  • 83% of students earned a Confidence Level score over 300, meaning that they applied significant consistent effort
  • 5 high achieving students completed over 140 lessons ( the top student completed 209 lessons! )

Student Outcomes Using FLOW Speak

My confidence level improved
Convenient tool for English speaking practice
Would recommend FLOW Speak to a friend
FLOW Speak is an learning platform that empowers students to speak English confidently for career success. Learners improve with unlimited speaking practice and instant AI-powered feedback for pronunciation, speed, fluency, and grammar.

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