Top 7 Tips for using FLOW

July 5, 2022

FLOW is your best tool to learn to speak English confidently and naturally. Use these tips and you’ll start to see results in 3 months.

1. Do all five lesson types

  • Bites: 2-minute warm-ups to learn how to speak up in different situations
  • Vocabulary: real expressions that native speakers use frequently
  • Listening: train your ear using the slow and natural speed settings
  • Conversations: learn how to naturally respond and interact  
  • Ideas: express your opinions and ideas clearly

2. Use the Examples

Have you been asked a difficult question in English and wondered what is the best way to respond? Our lessons have example responses to help you. Listen and speak all of these to master the skill of replying to questions naturally.

3. Use the Retry Button 

Repetition, repetition, repetition is the key to improvement. Retry your speaking responses over and over until you get it right and feel confident. The learners who see the most progress are the ones who click the retry button 10, 20, or 50 times! 

4. Compare & Copy 

After you record a response, go back and listen to the native speaker's example, and then listen to yourself. Listen and train your ear to catch the differences and try to copy the native speaker. Copying is the strongest way to start sounding natural by improving your pronunciation, speed, and intonation.

5. Check your score breakdown

What if you could get a score every time you spoke English and see clearly how to improve? Well, YOU CAN!!

Check out your score breakdown for pronunciation, speed, and vocabulary. The highlighted words at the bottom mean:

6. Take a Course

When you choose a Course you get a weekly lesson plan to master a specific English speaking skill; such as:

🚀 Blast Off - greetings and meeting people for the first time

⚡️ Fast Speaker - use casual contractions to sound like a native speaker

🎯 Pro Speaker - get ready to speak up in business settings

🎩 Excellent Customer Service - impress your customers

7. Consistency

Speaking every week trains your brain to think in English, boosts memory, and develops your mouth muscles and tongue to form the correct sounds. FLOW lessons are just 2 to 7 minutes so that you fit them into your busy day. You can do them during breakfast, while in line for your coffee, or right before bed.

Matthew Sussman
Matthew Sussman
CEO, Co-founder