Top 10 Awesome Conversation Starters

December 8, 2021
Conversation starters can boost your confidence and English speaking ability.

One way to improve your English speaking ability and boost your confidence is to use conversation starters. These starters can help you be recognized as someone who is friendly, interesting, and funny or thoughtful. A good starter can help you get to know people better and can lead to more interesting conversations. These can be used in a variety of situations such as meeting someone for the first time, getting to know a team member better, getting on your boss’ good side, or chatting with other New Voice Learning community members. 

10. When was the last time you rode on a roller coaster?

9. Is karaoke popular in your country?

8. What is on your bucket list?

7. What is your dream job?

6. If you had to listen to one song a hundred times, what song would you choose?

5. If you were offered the chance to live on Mars with the first group of humans, would you go?

4. What kind of a kid were you when you were growing up?

3. If you could invite three famous people to dinner, who would they be and why?

2. That is a nice shirt. Where did you get it? *

1. What animal best represents your personality?

* This one my 12 year-old daughter recommended.

As you can see, the best starters are those which allow the other person to talk about themselves. Next time you have a chance to talk with someone, try these out to boost your communication skills and confidence.

Matthew Sussman
Matthew Sussman
CEO, Co-founder