Press Release: ICC Consultants Announces Partnership with FLOW

August 5, 2022

Press Release, English translation from Japanese 

Original Press Release: 

ICC Consultants will offer FLOW, an English-speaking improvement platform, to support the success of study abroad students departing after August, 2022 in the International Business Professions (IBP) program.   

Students’ biggest regret after study abroad: “Not studying English enough” 

The IBP program has successfully sent more than 5,500 students to study abroad. However, in a survey conducted by ICC Consultants about what the students wished they had done differently before departure, over 90% answered “study English more.” 

Speak confidently during your study abroad experience by making real English expressions used by native speakers your own expressions

FLOW is a platform that uses voice technology created in the United States to help students and working professionals, who are aiming to work internationally, gain confidence speaking English. 

With limitless practice you can gain fluency and confidence mastering common expressions used by native speakers and responding to everyday situations you encounter, all from the ease of your phone. 

Through the supportive FLOW Community, made up of learners from 23 different countries, you can maintain your enthusiasm for learning and motivation for improvement. 

FLOW and the IBP Program share the same vision to strongly contribute to Japanese students’ development of English speaking confidence to become globally engaged citizens.

The International Business Professions (IBP) program combines studying at a major university, internship work experience, and Global Business Practice curriculum. The IBP Program cultivates practical business and problem-solving skills, necessary for students to excel in their global careers.

ICC Consultants’ mission is to "provide life-transforming experiences" by offering specialized study abroad programs based from 7 international offices.

FLOW is an English-speaking improvement platform built by New Voice Learning that combines advanced voice technology and a supportive community that helps learners to speak confidently and naturally.

Matthew Sussman
Matthew Sussman
CEO, Co-founder