Get a high Confidence Level

March 15, 2022

Do you want to become an excellent English speaker?
Are you a learner who likes to have clear goals? 
Are you looking for a way to maintain your motivation and keep improving?

Announcing the Confidence Level!

The Confidence Level helps you quickly track learning progress and participation in our community. Your score is calculated daily based on your total activity over the prior 30 days. The maximum score is 1,000. Maintain a high Confidence Level and develop the right habits to reach your goals by being:

  • Consistent  - complete one or more lessons every day
  • Focused - complete 50 or more lessons in the 30 day period
  • Supportive - get more points by asking the Community questions or leaving comments

Why consistent, focused, and supportive?

This is essential. Every day that you practice you get better.

The more lessons you complete the more your confidence and ability will increase.

We all learn better together. When you help and encourage others, you learn too and feel better which helps keep up your motivation.

What is my level?

Your score is calculated daily and it follows your use of FLOW over the past 30 days. The range is as follows:

  • 100 - 300 Just for fun
  • 301 - 700 Weekend Warrior
  • 701 - 1,000 High Achiever

How do I get a perfect score?

To reach a 1,000 Confidence Level, over the past 30 days, you should:

  • Complete at least one lesson every day
  • Complete 100 lessons in the 30 day period
  • Contribute 50 Community interactions ( ask the community questions, leave comments to other learners, or like people’s posts )

Go with the FLOW!

In order to break through and reach an advanced speaking level, you must make a commitment to your learning. FLOW is your best tool for English speaking improvement. Use the Confidence Level to maintain your motivation and reach your goals.

Matthew Sussman
Matthew Sussman
CEO, Co-founder