Finding our real voices in the metaverse

February 9, 2022

The metaverse is now everywhere, at least as a topic of discussion. Even though the builders of this virtual space note that it is still at least a decade away, New Voice Learning is looking to the future of language learning in both the real and virtual worlds of tomorrow. If we were already in the metaverse that last sentence would have ended with some cool futuristic music.

Descriptions of the metaverse seem to mainly focus on the visual experience. It will be three-dimensional. People will access it via goggles. It will have a first-person perspective and we will have our choice of avatars. Nice, sign me up!

What actually makes me more excited about this is the auditory experience, especially how people will speak to each other. Since it seems that when we join this new world we will be protected behind digital identities, our real voices will be critical in making the experience feel authentic. 

Just like in the real world, there will be many languages in the metaverse but it’s not hard to foresee that the lingua franca will be English. In fact, the level of English speaking ability needed for the metaverse might be even higher than the real world because facial expressions and gestures may be harder to discern. Either that or we are going to need a lot more emojis. 😉

It is amazing to think that the metaverse can open the door for hundreds of millions more people to immerse themselves in language learning. Maybe we’ll be having conversations such as:

  • “Nice jump, dude,” you say to your new friend from Saudi Arabia while you practice virtual snowboarding together.

  • “Yes, I have the coding skills you need and I am passionate about making a radical user experience,” you explain during an interview in the metaverse with a major tech company from Japan.

  • “We need to expand the boundaries of our minds,” you say concluding your TED talk as you float in outer space with seven million other people from around the world, while your body is in your living room in Argentina.

New Voice Learning supports metaverse dreamers around the world to connect and have conversations together. We want to help you reach English conversational fluency so your voice can be heard in the metaverse to come. See you there later. 

Matthew Sussman
Matthew Sussman
CEO, Co-founder