Best Practices for using FLOW Speak in the classroom

June 23, 2023

Teachers all over the world have used FLOW Speak in their classrooms to give students the opportunity to build their speaking confidence. We have compiled the best tips and tricks to help you make FLOW Speak an effective and confidence-boosting opportunity for your students.

Before you start using FLOW Speak in the classroom

  • Inform your students in advance about FLOW so they look forward and can get mentally prepared for this chance to practice speaking with AI voice tech. Show them the FLOW Speak website and 2-minute demo video.
  • Consider informing the students that practicing with FLOW will be a part of their class grade or extra credit for completing either the Starter or Career Challenge Course.
  • Demonstrate a sample lesson in class to show the students how FLOW works and explain how it can help them with pronunciation, speed, fluency, and grammar. The FLOW Speak team is happy to join your class via Zoom to do a kickoff session.

During your semester

  • Allow the students 30 minutes in class to signup and try some lessons for themselves while you are there to assist them.
  • Encourage your students to re-try their responses multiple times until they get an ‘excellent’ score. Repetition is the key to improvement!
  • Encourage students to set a personal Confidence Level score goal, for example 300.
  • Sign in to the Admin panel to track your students’ progress. This panel shows you the lessons students started and completed lessons, the number of retries, the Confidence Level scores, and dates. (see sample screenshots below)
  • In front of the class, continually praise the students who have high Confidence Level scores. The Confidence Level is a score of effort for being consistent, completing lessons, and participating in the community channel. 
  • Make a class game for the students who can reach a high score by the end of the week.
  • Ask a student who completed several lessons if they would like to come to the front of the class to explain how they use FLOW or talk about their favorite lesson.

At the end of the semester

  • Consider giving a prize to the top student who gets the highest Confidence Level score
  • Encourage students to complete the survey sent from the FLOW Speak team

Sample Admin Panel Screenshots

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